SciConsult e.K

Prof. Dr. R. Boese



SciConsult e.K. is busy since more than 10 Years in two fields of activities.

One is focused on consulting at patent litigations for pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Dr. Roland Boese, Prof. em. serves as an expert an das a testifying witness in litigations of solid-state chemistry of various ingredients and claim settlements in chemical issues. For experimental evidences and investigations he is involved as managing director and owner in solid-chem GmbH with laboratories at the Biomedical Center in Bochum, next to SciConsult e.K.:

The other field of activities deals with consulting, design, sales and marketing of instruments for crystallization purposes. A unique apparatus is the OHCD (Optical Heating and Crystallization Device) which applies a CO2 laser with a special control programme using a miniature zone refinig procedure for crystal growths for X-ray structure determinations at low temperatures. This device is produced at the engineering firm Werner Osswald ( and also marketed by Bruker-AXS ( The magazine of OHCD is situated next to solid-chem GmbH in Bochum while the office still remains in Essen.